There were 3 of us.

We grew up in a time and place when you could run wild out the door without a care.  From a large extended family the 3 of us were close in age and locale.  Spending most days with piles of fabric and clothes, fashioning inventive garments, was for me like going to work.  Efforts and insights into patterns, textures and colors, has become the heart of the Outskirts Story.  Those memories bring joy and freeness to my creations that now, once realized, I want to share with you.  


Our Girls

   Ada P.

   She imagined everything was a house; sometimes lavish and dreamy; sometimes rough and rustic.  Our girl Ada lived in her imagination.  She played dress up in wooded areas with gentle creeks and in flower-filled ravines with stone steps to descend. Barns and outbuildings were hers for creating new worlds--a happy girl playing in her country home.  


   With clothes, make up and stories left behind by older sisters grown and gone, Violet imagined worlds of travel and adventure.  But till those days arrived she drove tractors and motor bikes in fields, climbed tall rope swings in barns, made tunnels and forts from bales of hay.  With laughter and a big smile she played endlessly on her family’s farm.


   Her siblings called her the first grandchild. With parents worn out from raising the other 8, Grace was free to pursue her many interests, piano, violin and voice lessons, and acting camps and writing projects. She was a sweet funny girl with the gift of gab and a joy to be around. She spent days tagging behind her parents to towns and travels.